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Oracle BI Analyses Insights for End Users with Gerd Aiglstorfer

Oracle BI Analyses Insights for End Users with Gerd Aiglstorfer

This seminar deepens and broadens your know-how in versed handling of Oracle BI. It bundles more than 10 years of experience in implementing analyses in an Oracle University Expert Seminar, an exclusive course with an Oracle top expert.


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What you will learn:

You will get insight on optimal and effective use of Oracle BI from the user perspective:

  • Proven solutions for typical, complex analyses
  • Know the subtleties of Oracle BI Answers
  • Building clever and professional dashboards and prompts
  • Design principles for views

Oracle BI Analyses and Dashboard tools enable end users to build various business reports:

  • What’s the scope of requirements which can be implemented using these end user tools without third-party support?
  • Do best practice design principles for setting up dashboards exist to enable intuitive report usage?

This course introduces numerous practical examples for complex requirements solely solved by using Oracle BI user interface. It introduces some theoretical aspects to get deeper knowledge on working with Oracle BI. Furthermore it implements an approach to build smart and professional dashboards.

The training doesn’t introduce the tools themselves. Rather the examples will give you deep insight of what you can do with Oracle BI to help you to achieve your business goals with reduced effort.


As user of Oracle BI user interface tools attend this seminar to facilitate their optimal usage. Maybe you know the following situations:

  • There’s a need for some new reports and you are not sure if they can be implemented without further BI repository development.
  • You are aware of Oracle BI end user tools, but you need more advice on handling them in practice.
  • Sometimes you wonder about the behaviour of Oracle BI Answers.

In this case the seminar is ideal for you. It will give you a set of examples coming from real projects with solutions often used to boost your know-how for building analyses and dashboards.

Required prerequisites:

  • Some experience on building analyses and dashboards

Course objectives:

  • Knowledge of the power of Oracle BI end user tools
  • Introduce proven design principles for setting up analyses and dashboards
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