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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive business intelligence platform with miscellaneous capabilities: ad-hoc und enterprise reporting, interactive dashboards, scorecards, geospatial visualisation, collaboration, Microsoft Office integration, business process invocation, proactive detection (alerts) and mobile respectively disconnected analytics.

Oracle BI server architecture (© Oracle)

OBIEE is based on a proven service-oriented architecture (SOA) that incorporates ideal with an existing IT infrastructure. It is able to access different relational and multidimensional databases. It generates optimized queries for each data source, aggregates them and provides the information integrated by a common information model role-based to various consumers.


Oracle BI delivers critical performance. It is scalable and reliable. OBIEE essentially consists of the following components supplying the functionality mentioned above:

  • Geospatial visualisation (© Oracle)
  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management (© Oracle)
  • Oracle BI Server
  • Oracle BI Answers
  • Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards
  • Oracle BI Publisher
  • Oracle BI Delivers und Actionable Intelligence
  • Oracle BI Office integration
  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • Oracle BI Mobile


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