Business intelligence key benefits and examples

Facts, data and figures are the bases for decisions, management and control. The information used often has two disadvantages:

  • Available reports are not more than endless series of numbers on old data.
  • It causes high effort or in worst case it is even not possible to get to know how business is evolving, what trends come up and where to act.
  • KPI overview
  • Operational overview
  • Trend and comparison analysis
  • Status analysis

Using our business intelligence solutions your employees take well-founded decisions at each company level. You will get an overview of business development on current data within seconds. Detailed cause analyses and dynamic change in perspectives are directly available without extra effort.

Thus your decision makers can evaluate competently and act efficiently. The vision and flexibility gained saves your business success.

Business intelligence is used on a consistent source of information in different granularity. Typical questions are for example:

  • How do conversion rates (direct, upselling, cross-selling), sales quantity and our delivery capacity evolve?
  • Which turnover, which margin and contribution to profit is achieved by which product?
  • How do payment history, credit limits and receivables evolve?
  • What is our ability to pay?
  • Where is potential for productivity improvement?
  • How are production, setup and holding time?
  • What is the current and historical workload?
  • How do purchasing conditions evolve?
  • What is the status of our supply chain?
  • How does the buying behaviour of our clients evolve?
  • How successful is our special offer/coupon campaign?
  • What is the number of sickness absence, overtime and employee turnover?

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